Collection: Jewelry

All NEW! You have heard of "Spoon Rings" - but now there is more! I am Sculpting Original Jewelry from Silverplate Flatwear. I am working within two themes: "Keys to the Kingdom" centered around my faith and Wine theme as a Vinophile! Very excited to bring you Rings, Pendants, Necklace, Scarf Slides, Earrings and more! All crafted from place setting pieces. 

Collect my Paintings in Books!

I have created mybooks to share my artwork with you.

They are available in two forms.

A GlossyPaperback or an E-book. 

Each book contains pictures of my paintings and the
stories and adventures surrounding them.

Many are created on location - painted"en Plein Air."

Others are created in my studio after arriving
home from photos.

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