My Studio - My Happy Place

Hello friends -we moved to San Angelo TX two years ago already! This town has a very strong art presence and is home to En Plein Air Texas and the Chicken Farm Art Center which is under new ownership and has great plans instore. I participated in 3 of their 1st Saturday events in 2023 and will do so in the year to come.

My Art Studio is in our home. My office and painting space are in the 3rd bedroom. The second bedroom has been taken over as my "Gallery" and I now have a place to display my artwork. I have returned to hosting Studio Tours/ Open Houses!

I am a member of our Plein Air San Angelo (PASA,) andthe San Angelo Museum of Fine Art (SAMFA.)

You are Welcome and INVITED to visit.
I am available most afternoons.  
Just send me an email or give me a call! 

Are you an adventurous and love to explore too?

My Paintings are made from memories and photos taken during the adventures in our lives. I love to capture the beauty that is discovered in my travels. It could be across town, across the state or now I can say across the pond! We went to France last year and soon you will start seeing those paintings filter in!

Let me help you capture a favorite memory. Use the form below and let me paint your memories!

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