Something Beautiful for Every Space

Original Artwork, and Prints created from them, warm up every room in a home.

You can begin either way; with a Print or an Original.

I enjoy painting in series using a variety of mediums or paints. Watercolor is where my Artistic Advemture began, but has grown to acrylic mixed media and oil.

This will allow you to purchase a combination of Original and Print components to have a cohesive feel and style of a room.

Adventures, Beautiful Places and Memories

Women's Scarves

Beautiful Shear - Soft Chiffon Scarves.

Available with my Original Artwork on them.

Order one for yourself - or a Gift for that special someone.

Debra's Glossy Art Books

Now there are 2! Meander Mesilla and Meander the Desert Southwest. These books contain photos of my paintings and stories about them. They are another way to collect and own my paintings. They are available as a beautiful glossy paperback or as an E-book.

Meander the Desert Southwest is now in Print! Get yours Today! Use the Link above.

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Grateful for Your Visit!

I absolutely love to share my Art Adventures with you. My Studio is my happy place. Creating and painting with music on and escape into another world or a memory from travel adventures.

I love to share stories, art shows and events, favorite wines and recipes. My Studio is in my home. I hold Open Studio events now and then. I also welcome visitors with a simple phone call first please. This way, I can be home and ready to welcome you!

Be sure to sign up for my emails and receive invites and updates!

My Studio

Let me create something just for you!

Do you have a beautiful memory of a trip? A favorite pet? I can create a custom painting just for you.

Contact me to discuss a painting for you or a gift.

  • Michele Babiash, Old Central Firehouse

    Debra’s painting of Old Central Firehouse is beautiful. She caught details that really capture the beauty of the building and the firetruck out front.
    We also really enjoyed the custom firehouse Christmas cards that Debra created for us.
    Debra is creative and fun to work with, we highly recommend her.

  • Victoria Rees

    I met Debra at a local art event. She invited me to her Studio in her home. I was impressed with the art and love the unique framing options. I purchased a painting for my daughter & she loved it. On short notice, I called to see if we could drop in to purchase a painting for a gift for her friend before she left the next morning. She really is available "with just a call." Visit her Studio with just a call - and make a new friend!

  • Dana Sekich

    Deb's art is more then some beautiful brush strokes on a canvas. It's a special place, object, animal, or memory that she recreates for the rest of us to enjoy in our homes or offices. I love my picture it brings back great memories.I look forward to purchasing more pieces in the future.

  • Tony Liska

    Debra's painting has brought character and life to our financial services office. The subtle color of the adobe and the blues in the night sky with metallic highlights in the stars are brilliant. Thanks for your beautiful work, Deb!

Start Collecting with a Canvas Print

Canvas prints are a beautiful way to begin your adventure as an Art Collector. You will love what a single piece can do to warm any room.